Insurance Repairs

Insurance Repairs

LJ Building Services have been specialising in insurance claims assessing, reporting, management & repairs since 2011.

We are involved in all manners of projects from commercial building repairs to total loss residential properties, as well as small repairs like minor water damage.


LJ Building

Your Trusted Partner in Insurance Repairs

As a result of our time in the industry, and our exposure to a vast range of different types of claims and repairs, we have learned to scale and respond to large volumes of claims across many geographic areas using our experienced team of staff and external trade networks.

We have an excellent base of contractors utilised for our service area’s covering from Northern NSW, up to Toowoomba, and Gympie encompassing all of South East Queensland, as well as a Townsville office to manage our North Queensland works and event response.

Our trade network is inclusive of;

  • Carpenters

  • Plumbers

  • Tilers

  • Plasterers

  • Roofers

  • Painters

  • Cabinet Makers

  • Air Conditioning Specialists

  • Electricians

  • Carpet and Flooring Specialists

  • Restoration Specialists

  • Removalists

  • Concreters

  • Asbestos Removalist

Working with us

Our administration and repair co-ordination team is very experienced in all aspects of customer & client communication to ensure the repair process is as smooth as it can be.

Our team is always our first point of contact in all scenarios, whether it be to create new job files, book an appointment, coordinate schedules for our on site teams, or keep everyone informed.

The team is proven to have the ability to resolve queries and matters for all stakeholders in a timely manner.


Our office team schedules and co-ordinates our estimators site inspections in geographical groupings to ensure they have more time to do what they do best.
Quotes are produced on clear and easy-to-understand templates which are internally before being provided to the client. We consistently aim for the most accurate and honest information from the outset to prevent issues with additional costs down the line.

External Reports

Through the use of our trade network, and our experience in the insurance industry, we are able to offer quality third-party specialist reports for any matter that is encountered within an insurance claim, whether that be to trace faults or leaks, testing of hazardous materials, or specialist trade inspections relating to specific products or manufacturer items.
We have ongoing quality relationships with specialists in all aspects of construction who can assist us to assess and report on the causation, the resultant damage and provide guidance or instruction on the best method of reinstatement, whether that be repair or replacement that is required.

Assessment Reports

Our Assessors are QBCC Licenced Supervisors. As a result, they have the knowledge on how things are built so can determine how to repair things, or how things may have become damaged through their understanding of the construction of the building.

We offer assessment reports in line with the requirements of our clients, inclusive of;

  • Property details

  • The claimed scenario

  • The extent of the loss

  • The cause of the loss

  • Maintenance issues identified, related or not

  • And a schedule of supporting photographs

This information is used to determine the outcome of the customer’s claim by the insurance company, subject to the particulars of the policy that covers the property.

Approved Repairs

As our Assessors are QBCC Licenced Supervisor, they perform a dual role supporting their estimates into construction, assisting the repair co-ordination team in the office to program repair schedules.

We provide our customers and clients our line by line scopes of work that highlight rooms and repair items to ensure full transparency on what is being completed and conversely, what is not being completed.

Our repair co-ordination team and administration team are the heart of our operation feeding updates, information and instruction to and from all parties involved in the process.
All repairs are undertaken by QBCC Qualified and insured contractors.
Our contractors provide before and after photographs of their works, and are used to and therefore respectful of working within your home, not a job site.

As a CM3 qualified company, our audited WHS systems are in place ensuring the right level of health and safety for the trades and occupants on our sites.

Extreme Weather Events

We have proven experience in a wide range of different catastrophic events across Queensland, including cyclones in regional Queensland, flooding in southern Queensland and significant hail events.
LJ Building have a strong event response process which is proven to deliver excellent results for our customers and clients.

We also travel anywhere to and assist with event response in regions outside of our general service area’s when there is need for assistance. In most regional events, the local contractor base becomes overwhelmed quickly and we have the ability to bring additional trades in.
We have proven experience in mobilising large makesafe teams for immediate makesafe response to protect and secure properties and their occupants subject to geographical location.
We also have the resources to scale up our operation to ensure we have increased contractor coverage to handle the increased volume of repairs.
Within our business, we have resources trained and ready to respond who work in our construction business. This enables us to upscale internally at times of need.

Delivering the right level of service to our clients and meeting the needs of property occupants is what we find to be most important, so we are transparent in our capabilities and will ensure we only take on what we can handle to ensure the right level of customer service.

Extreme weather events are stressful for all involved so we aim to do all that we can to make the process as easy as it can be.

Insurance repairs can be stressful but with LJ Building Services by your side, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands.